Top 10 Boba Costumes of All Time for Bubble Tea Fanatics

So you love drinking boba. But do you love boba enough to wear it? These people do.

In this list, we’ve scoured the internet far and wide, from your favorite boba shop instagrams to Pinterest boards to Subtle Asian Trait posts to find the best boba costumes of all time.

Read below to get more bubblicious inspiration so you can be the belle of the bubble tea shop for your next Halloween party.

  1. Unisex Basic Boba Halloween Costume 

Top 10 Boba Costumes - Bubble Tea Costume from Ritdye

Image from 

Created by the mad geniuses at the dye-making company Ritdye, this simple and easy boba costume can be worn by everyone. 

It involves using a colorful one-piece outfit, black balloons, a hot glue gun and takes less than an hour. 

Check out their post to learn more! 

  1. DIY Basic Boba Halloween Costume 

You’re not a procrastinator, you just like putting things off until tomorrow. If you need a boba costume ASAP, you’re in luck, because we have the perfect costume for you. 

Youtube user wlovelinda came out with a stellar video tutorial on DIY last-minute Halloween costumes. This tutorial covers everything from balls to straw and does it in a way that’s simple to follow along.

Peep that cardstock straw! 

  1. Casual Milk Tea Halloween Dress (with Pom Poms) 

Woman wearing a boba costume for Halloween

Image from

Stephanie from Broke and Cooking doesn’t just run an amazing food blog that strives to get young people into the kitchen. Turns out she’s also a fashionista as well! 

For her Halloween costume, Stephanie keeps things simple with a dress that’s already milk tea colored. For boba balls she uses pom-poms, while a tube of flexible glitter foam as a straw really completes the outfit.

  1. Cardboard Milk Tea Halloween Costume

If you’re bored of your typical Halloween costumes and want to spice things up with a buddy, then you need to check out FashionbyAlly’s cardboard milk tea costume for couples or boba besties.

Her costume setup involves 10 x 20 pieces of posterboard, with paint used for the boba balls. 

  1. The Ultimate Boba Costume … For Dogs! 

Shiba Inu in a Boba Halloween Costume

If you’ve ever wished your dog could join in your boba adventures, you’re in luck! The awesome folks at hellohoku broke the internet a while back with a photoshoot with their silly shiba Hoku in a boba cup. 

While this costume is technically only for photoshoots and not really meant for moving around in, it’s still one of the cutest things we’ve seen on the internet today. 

This recipe for the perfect dog costume involves using a banister guard as a plastic cup, and gold wrapping paper for the straw.

  1. Boba Kids Costume 

Kid drinking boba wearing a boba outfit - Collegeboba

Image from Oh Happy Day

From the party people at Oh Happy Day comes one of the coolest kids costumes we’ve seen yet. 

While this kid’s costume involves more prep work than the other ones, the end result is worth it if you have the extra time. 

This costume uses corrugated paper, cellophane, mini balloons and a whole bunch of other items to create a dazzling effect. 

  1. Adult Boba Costume 

A super-sized version of boba costume (balls and all), this DIY boba costume from Hoshiko lets you take things a step further. 

Whether it’s taro or matcha, you can customize it so that this costume hits the sweet spot for you and your partner. This costume also uses cellophane and black balloons as well as a poster board straw. 

  1. Be the Boba Bae 

Woman wearing a Boba Bae Sweater for Halloween

Don’t want to bother with the fuss of building your own costume? We hear you. With the College Boba Boba Bae Sweater, you can have an outfit that shows off your love of boba year-round. 

Created using a classic fit with no center crease, this Boba Bae sweater is pre-shrunk and created using air-jet spun yarn for a luxuriously soft feel and a fabulous fit. 

  1. Bubble Tea Costume for Kids 

Cute baby wearing a Boba Costume onsie

Utilizing an adorable child’s leotard and skirt, this boba costume from Home of the Harveys utilizes colored foam paper for the straw and black felt for the boba balls. 

Babies in a boba costume. Have you seen anything sweeter?

     1. Adult DIY Bubble Tea Costume 

Beautiful woman wearing a boba outfit drinking bubble tea

Featuring a fantabulous dress from the incredible product designer Sam Ashiro, this boba dress pairs with pink shoes that match the straw for a picture-perfect outfit. 

This outfit utilizes black pom poms, pink wrapping paper, and any dress (or shirt) that you have lying around. 

Have any outfits that we missed? Let us know in the comments below! 

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