Why haven’t I received my product yet?!?

Good things take time! Our products usually take 2 - 6 days to ship due to the extensive quality control checks we place on them (we usually do our best to ship out in 3 days). Products usually arrive within the week of you ordering.

What’s the fit of your clothes like?

Most of our clothes are pretty snug.

By snug we mean they’re a good fit around the cuffs and neckline, but there’s a little more give around the tummy area (making it perfect for keeping your food baby warm as you get KBBQ AND Boba). In general they're pretty flattering for all body types. 

We also carry sizes ranging from XS to 3XL for most of our items , so you’re almost sure to find one in your size.

Why so boba crazy?

Have you tried boba?

Can I partner with you guys?

Sure! Just fill out this form. We usually try and get back to you within one week of your application.