Man wearing a Bathing Boba Shirt with an orange hat
Woman wearing sunglasses and a bathing boba shirt
A woman wearing a Bathing Boba shirt posing against a car
A Bathing Boba Shirt hanging out on a hanger

A Bathing Boba Shirt

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If this shirt was any more lit, you’d have to wear sunglasses to see it.

This Bathing Boba shirt features ring spun cotton that’s softer than a warm ball of freshly made honey tapioca.

We’ve designed this shirt so that it fits beautifully whether you’re had a Korean Barbeque food baby or you're all about that squat life.

Revel in the luxury of shoulder to shoulder taping and our super smooth side seams designed to make you look great from any angle.

This Bathing Boba shirt comes in lychee jelly white for that clean ultra-fresh look.

With this Bathing Boba shirt, you can walk right down past the drop line and into the boba shop.

Order your Bathing Boba shirt today.