Woman wearing a Boba Magazine Shirt at a Costco - Thrasher Parody
Man wearing Boba Magazine - Thrasher Parody Shirt
Boba Magazine Shirt on Hanger - Thrasher Parody

Boba Magazine Shirt

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Skate on past the Drop Line

Shred the streets with a boba in your hand and a board beneath your feet with this Boba Magazine T-Shirt. 

Confuse the hell out of the streetwear bros who aren’t sure if you’re being edgy or ironic with this Boba Magazine tee that uses ring spun cotton that’s smoother than a shot of peach soju chased down with boba milk tea.

Featuring the iconic flame design and reinforced seams, this lit shirt comes in Honey Boba Black and is designed to survive boba spills, skateboard skids and more.

Skip the drop line and flex your love of boba with this unique Boba Magazine shirt.

Get yours today.