Unisex Cal Boba Hoodie - UC Berkeley Parody
Woman wearing a Cal Boba Hoodie - UC Berkeley Parody
Unisex Cal Boba Hoodie - Clothing
Cal Boba Hoodie - Flat Mockup

Cal Boba Hoodie (Unisex)

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You know that fuzzy feeling you get when you bite into a warm chewy piece of boba? That's what wearing this hoodie feels like.

Modeled after the famous Cal logo, this hoodie is built with a luxurious cotton and polyester combo that's softer than a warm pool of honey tapioca.

Use the front pocket to store more boba like a Berkeley squirrel in winter so you can save some for later.

Now when your overbearing relatives ask what you've been doing with your time in college, you can show them this hoodie.

We've designed this hoodie to fit beautifully whether you've gained a Korean Barbeque Food Baby or prefer to get your gains from the gym. 

Don't just keep your love for boba inside your stomach.

Now with the unisex Cal Boba hoodie, you can show it on the outside too.

Order yours today.