Woman wearing a Gucci Parody Boba Shirt and posing
Woman wearing a Gucci Parody Boba Shirt and touching her head
Trendy African American Man wearing a Luxury Boba shirt intended to parody Gucci
Woman wearing Luxury Boba Shirt - Gucci Parody
Man with a tennis racket with a luxury boba shirt - gucci parody
Gucci Boba Shirt against the Floor

Luxury Boba Shirt

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Luxury Boba Shirts. Not just for Crazy Rich Asians anymore.

Experience the caress of delicate ring spun cotton on your skin with this luxury boba shirt.

And when we say luxury, we mean luxury. This graphic t-shirt comes in clean slushie white for that ultra fresh look and adds a unique touch to any outfit.

Your international friends may have genuine Louis Vuiton or Prada clothes, but do they have an OG College Boba luxury shirt? We didn’t think so.  

Show you’re a boba baller by visiting boba shops with this luxury boba shirt and ordering not one but two extra toppings with your boba to show that money is no object to you.

This graphic t-shirt comes with specially fitted side seams and shoulder to shoulder taping so you can look good for Instagram or Vogue magazine from every possible angle.

So what are you waiting for? Reach boba nirvana with this luxury boba shirt.