Space Boba Shirt Mockup worn by a woman - NASA parody
Woman wearing NASA boba shirt
Woman standing wearing a Nasa BOBA shirt
Coy woman wearing a Nasa BOBA shirt
Space Boba Shirt Mockup worn by a man - NASA parody
Man wearing a Nasa Boba shirt
Man wearing a Nasa Boba shirt
Mockup of a Nasa Boba shirt

Space Boba Shirt

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One Small Step for Man. One Large Order of Milk Tea.

You ever taste boba so good that it feels like you’re floating in space?

That’s what wearing this Space Boba shirt feels like.

This Space boba shirt is perfect for exploring new galaxies of bubble tea shops and for telling people that you’re not just drinking boba. You’re doing it for science.

Wear this shirt as you official boba drinking uniform as you bravely explore new nebulas of milk tea and sugar, investigate clusters of rainbow jelly and egg pudding and fill the black hole that is your stomach with boba.

We’ve designed this shirt so that it fits beautifully whether you’re had a Korean barbeque food baby or you’ve all about that squat life.

Made out of ring spun cotton that’s softer than a pool of warm honey boba, this space boba shirt comes in half and half white and is out of this world comfortable.

Order your Space boba shirt today and be the star of every boba shop you visit!