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Man wearing a UC Boba Sweater in front of a Forest - Boba Shirt
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UC Boba Sweater (Unisex)

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Not sure what you want to do with your life?

Don’t know what you want to major in?

We do. With this UC Boba sweater, you can declare your major AND passion in life.

Designed to reassure your parents you’re doing something useful with your life, this pre-shrunk cotton and polyester sweater is softer than the hugs your mother used to give you when you were little and weren’t stifled by the crushing pressure to succeed.

This Milk Tea studies sweater is perfect whether you’re thinking about getting boba, drinking boba, or taking a breath before you drink boba again.

With this sweater, you can proudly declare yourself as an alumni of the world famous UC Boba - the Harvard of boba drinking schools. cz

Getting this sweater is basically the same thing as a degree from Harvard - only without the crippling student debt.

We've also designed this sweater so that it fits beautifully whether you've just gained a korean barbeque food baby or prefer to get your gains from the gym or both! 

Don’t just keep your love for boba on the inside, show it on the outside with this declaration for the UC Boba sweater.